Brain Corp Opens European Office in Amsterdam 

 July 2, 2019

By  Mike Oitzman

​July 1, 2019

Brain Corp announced today that they are opening their new European headquarters in Amsterdam. The move comes as Brain Corp expands its reach across the pond to Europe and gains traction for its robotics operating system and floor cleaning autonomous mobile robots within Europe. This is a significant step for Brain Corp as they have grown within the North American market.

Brain Corp is building a market for its software, starting with the floor cleaning market. Floor cleaning is a low-hanging fruit for Brain OS as the commercial floor cleaning machines are easy to retrofit with automated controls and sensor packages, instantly turning them into autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

BrainOS currently powers thousands of floor care ​AMRs across numerous environments, including retail stores, malls, warehouses, and airports. The European headquarters marks the second international office location in Brain Corp’s global expansion, following the opening of a Tokyo, Japan, facility in 2017.

​BrainOS hired Michel Spruijt, as General Manager for the region.​ Spruijt will ​be overseeing general operations throughout Europe as he sets up a new team and builds the channel for BrainOS solutions.

​"The opening of a European headquarters is a testament to the rapid growth of Brain Corp, as well as our leadership position in the fields of robotics and AI,” says Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “Under Michel Spruijt’s guidance, our vision of a world where the lives of people are made safer, easier, more productive, and more fulfilling with the help of robots will extend into Europe.”

​BrainOS has invested in other AMR companies such as Savioke, as well as taking investment from Japan's Softbank (an investor in multiple robotics companies). BrainOS also announced the development of a new delivery AMR this spring called the AutoDelivery, however they have yet to announce a launch date for production units.


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