SnapFulfil Announces Autonomous Fulfillment Cart 

 April 6, 2019

By  Mike Oitzman

SnapFulfil Announces Autonomous Fulfillment Cart

New offering represents SnapFulfil’s commitment to practical innovation

DENVER (April 6, 2019) – SnapFulfil, a Tier-1, cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) provider, announced the creation of its new, innovative fulfillment cart, SnapCart. The SnapCart will be on display at the SnapFulfil booth (#N6139) at ProMAT this week. 

SnapCart is designed to help small parts picking and eCommerce fulfillment centers streamline their current picking operations. The autonomous mobile robot is an extension of SnapFulfil’s cloud-based WMS and enables SnapFulFil customers to adopt SnapCart without making any costly infrastructure changes. 

Works side-by-side with warehouse workers

The SnapCart can safely operate next to human warehouse workers and effectively reduces the pickers' daily walking distance. SnapCart is designed to carry order totes from the warehouse aisles to the packout stations. This enables warehouse workers to be assigned to smaller cells within the warehouse.

SnapCart does the majority of warehouse aisle movement, reducing pickers’ daily walking distance significantly, from as much as 15 miles to 1 mile. @TheRobotGuide

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SnapCart is equipped with a an easy-to-use user interface, enabling warehouse workers to be trained on the solution within minutes. SnapCarts can be flexibly deployed throughout the warehouse allowing for both scalability and start-up cost management. In addition, SnapCart is fully integrated to the SnapFulFil cloud warehouse management solution.

SnapFulfil teamed with top university robotics departments to fit the SnapCart with navigation technology best suited for the warehouse environment, providing safe and efficient maneuvering around the warehouse.

SnapFulFil Cart in warehouse

“As fulfillment operations in both the U.S. and the U.K. feel the labor crunch, it’s more important than ever that warehouses ensure maximum efficiency with their current workforce,” said Hugh Stevens, president at SnapFulfil. “We want to harness the power of autonomous fulfillment carts so we can provide warehouses with an innovative, practical solution they can use sooner, rather than waiting for technology to mature.”

SnapCart will enter beta testing within 60 days. To participate, contact SnapFulfil through their website. If you are visiting Automate or ProMat 2019 in Chicago this week, be sure to stop by their booth (ProMAT N6139) and checkout the new SnapCart.

About SnapFulfil

SnapFulfil is a best-of-breed, real-time warehouse management system which drives highly efficient warehouse operations, allowing companies to do more with the same or less resources. SnapFulFil offers a range of deployment methods and payment options, including a Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, which helps open the door for a range of warehouse operations. 

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