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Hease Robotics 

HEASE Robotics

Headquarters: Villeurbanne, France
Public: NO


  • Heasy


  • Retail Kiosk
  • In store customer support


Heasy is a mobile and autonomous robot kiosk designed for public areas. Always located in the best spot and supported by its elegant and friendly design, Heasy generates 20 time more interactions compared to static kiosks. Open and connected, Heasy is an attractive interface to play with your existing digital assets or to easily build new experiences.

  • With Heasy, collect opt-in data through a variety of playful activities and games. Monitor analytics to understand customer behaviors.
  • Create interactive surveys in minutes; collect feedbacks; get to know your customers by measuring satisfaction, expectations or awareness.
  •  Create foot traffic to specific spots in-store by raising awareness and give a boost to sales and marketing operations.
  • Increase registrations to your loyalty program with Heasy. Get visitors to sign up in an easy and entertaining way. 
  • Promote different types of products or services to customers as they arrive, while they shop and even after payment.
  • Avoid duplicate developments and embed on Heasy any digital marketing content you already have: images, videos, apps or website.

Hease Robotics has been in the market for over two years, starting with France and Europe. They are now looking to deploy the solution in north America.

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