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Badger Technologies 

Badger Technologies

Headquarters: Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA
Public: YES (a division of Jabil Technologies)


  • "Marty" Autonomous Mobile Robot


  • Retail Operations
  • Planogram Inspection


Badger Technologies™ provides actionable data and analytics for retail operations through automation solutions that include a fully autonomous robot to address out-of-stock, planogram compliance, price integrity and other operational inefficiencies. Actionable data and business analytics translates into improved store execution, lower operational costs and higher profits. Badger Technologies offers complete end-to-end solutions, from robot and software to store integration, maintenance and analytics.

Badger Technologies is a product division of Jabil, a $22 billion global company with over 50 years of experience delivering technology, manufacturing and supply chain solutions to the world’s leading brands.

The Badger Store Execution Suite is a complete, connected solution that makes it easy for retailers to capitalize on data and actionable business analysts that provide a corporate view across stores - real-time knowledge that translates into improved store execution, lower operational costs and higher profits.

The solution is capable of

  • Detecting holes on shelves and generating replenishment lists
  • Generating powerful on-shelf availability best practices analytics across stores
  • Prioritizing out-of-stock alerts with supply chain integration
  • Correlating POS data to out-of-stock data, location and facings
  • Ensuring center store planogram (POG) and sales plan compliance
  • Addressing price integrity issues by comparing unit tags to current POG pricing
  • Analyzing and leveraging CPG display compliance data
  • Generating CPG managed display compliance analyticsLeveraging pricing integrity best practices data

Badger Technologies’ fully autonomous robot, nicknamed "Marty" has been initially developed for the grocery retail environment to address out-of-stock, planogram compliance, price integrity, and audit and compliance issues. Our autonomous robots operate safely alongside shoppers and employees while scanning shelves. Advanced technologies include:

  • Rotating lidar to map and navigate the store
  • High resolution and 3D depth cameras for navigation and data acquisition
  • Navigation sensors
  • Firmware in robotics operating system (ROS)
  • Modular application software architecture for custom system integration
  • Autonomous base with rechargeable 12-hour battery

​Robots as a Service

​Badger Technologies delivers their solution as a service. We've prepared an in-depth guide to buying Robots as a Service (RaaS). In the guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to be prepared for getting the best contract for your needs.

Badger Technologies ™ was born out of a team of engineers from LexMark, who were focusing on the in-store inventory management problem. The creation of Badger Technologies brings together a strong team of experienced data management and retail specialists, together with the execution and delivery teams from Jabil. This is a powerful combination with the ability to execute and deliver worldwide.

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