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Magazino Robotics 

Magazino Robotics

Headquarters: ​Munich, Germany
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  • Toru
  • Hako
  • Soto


  • Goods-to-Person
  • Goods-to-box


Magazino is one of several mobile robot vendors offering a autonomous machine capable of picking up and dropping off boxes and totes. The machines are designed primarily for goods to person logistics applications and they operate in the warehouse. Magazino has expanded their product line since 2016 and the product line now includes multiple vehicles designed to handle specific payloads and boxes or totes. 

Magazino Toro Robot

The Magazino story started with the development of the Toru vehicle. The unique features of the Toru vehicle design includes a fully enclosed cargo storage area. This design feature helps improve the safe operation of the autonomous mobile robot as a collaborative robot, operating in and around humans. The enclosed cargo design ensures that hands are not inadvertently captured during autonomous pickup and dropoff operations. Magazino is a German company, and their design philosophy is influenced by the stricter EU regulations.

All of the Magazino vehicles are designed to pick and place boxes and/or totes from standard warehouse shelving. The robot is capable of autonomously navigating in an warehouse to locate a specific product location in the warehouse. Once at a target location, the robot uses machine vision to identify the pick target or an open placement location. As a result, the Magazino solution is able to interact with product boxes or totes on existing warehouse shelving, without modification to the warehouse.

Magazino gripper

Image courtesy of Magazino

Magazino employs machine learning to its sensor data to help the system adapt to new product and enable it create pick and placement strategies for the robot. By tracking sensor data in the suction cups of the gripper, the system can adapt its approach to improve successful picks.

Magazino robots uses ROS for their operating system. The use of ROS as a software platform has enabled Magazino to quickly develop their operation software, and evolve the platform.

The product line for Magazino includes three vehicle configurations currently. The TORU is the smallest vehicle, capable of small boxes. The HAKO is designed for larger payloads and larger dimension boxes. The SATO is designed to move totes.

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