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Geek Plus Robotics 

Geek+ Robotics

Headquarters: ​Beijing, China

Established: ​2015
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​Geek Plus (or Geek+) is currently the largest autonomous mobile robot supplier in the world. They have deployed more commercially available robots than any other supplier since their founding in 2015.

Geek+ also has the largest product lineup (24 robots) of any supplier, with a variety of solutions for everything from good-to-person, logistics and sortation to their newest product releases ​for facility disinfection.

​Geek+ Product  Lineup


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Focusing on Logistics and Warehousing, Geek+ leads the technology revolution, by applying advanced robotics and AI technologies to realize high-flexibility and intelligent logistics automation solution. Geek+ provides leading, reliable, one-stop enterprise-level service with strong technological strength, precise customer understanding, thorough after-sales service, and ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.

Geek Plus robots move shelves in a warehouse

Geek Plus robots move shelves in a warehouse (image courtesy of Geek Plus)

​With the closing of recent investment rounds, Geek+ is now positioned to expand its operations worldwide. They currently have over 800 employees and are growing fast. This positions Geek+ to become the dominant market leader for the next decade.

​The recent announcement of the Geek+ UVC disinfection solution Lavender and the biocide spraying solution Jasmin, demonstrate Geek+'s ability to quickly engineer, productize and release new solutions. Both of these solutions are a response to the current coronavirus and these solutions achieved a "Recommended Vendor" award in the Mobile Robot Guides' recent Disinfection Solutions Buyers Guide.

​Geek+ R&D team consists of PhD and master graduates from Tsinghua, PKU, CAS, BEIHANG, USTB, etc., with much solid research and practice experience in the fields of robot, embedded development, software engineering, artificial intelligence, most of them have joined domestic / international robotic contests and won the championship. All products are developed independently and possess the core patents, with a world-class level performance.

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