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  • Micro Fulfillment Center


  • Online Grocery Fulfillment


​Fabric ​ (formerly known as CommonSense Robotics) is building on-demand supply-chains that enable grocery retailers profitable, one-hour delivery to their online customers. Their Micro-Fulfillment-Center is an urban, automated solution that combines the benefits of local distribution with the economics of automated fulfillment, and is redefining the way goods are fulfilled and delivered within cities. 

The micro fulfillment centers are filled with autonomous mobile robots which will run around the facility to fetch and deliver totes with product to pack-out stations. ​Fabric is not selling the individual robots, rather they are offering a complete turnkey solution for online grocers. The facility will be owned and operated by ​Fabric and they will offer fulfillment from the facility on a pay-per-order basis. This business model is unique in the market at this point in time. Where there are other robotic automation solutions in the market leverage autonomous mobile robots to process goods-to-person, those solutions are all designed to be deployed into distribution centers and warehouses owned by the fulfillment organizations. ​Fabric's solution is broader in scope. They want to help smaller companies keep pace with the likes of Amazon and Walmart. ​Fabric is offering what it calls “automated fulfillment as a service,”

​Fabric is planning to deploy it's first customer by the end of 2018. Grocery is the primary early market focus, although the company eventually plans to expand its service to the broader ecommerce fulfillment marketplace.

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