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AGILOX Services GmbH 

Agilox Services Gmbh

Headquarters: Vorchdorf, ​Austria
Public: NO


  • Agilox ​ONE


  • Logistics
  • Unit load movement


The Agilox System is an autonomous mobile robot designed for logistics operations in medium sized businesses. The vehicle is able to autonomous pick up and move pallets around the facility. The unique drive wheel system enables the robots to move in any direction and to turn in place. This feature enables the vehicle to effectively navigate inot and out of a position to pick up a pallet.

Agilox Robot and conveyor
Agilox Mobile Robot

Image courtesy of Agilox

Agilox robots can also be fitted with other payload attachments which enables them to interface with conveyors to pickup and drop-off totes and boxes.

Using a fleet management supervisory system, a fleet of Agilox robots can communicate with each other and use "swarm behavior" to decide which vehicle should fulfill a delivery request.

The Agilox system will also be available in the future as a Robots-as-a-Service solution, making it affordable. In this case, additional vehicles can be quickly added to a customers fleet to increase throughput during peak periods of the year.

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