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Brain Corporation 

Brain Corporation

Headquarters: San Diego, CA, USA
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  • Mobile Robot Platform
  • Floor cleaning


Brain Corporation (Brain Corp) is a software company who are developing intelligent, autonomous navigation systems that automate commercial equipment. The company was co-founded in 2009 to focus on artificial intelligence and robotics development. Brain Corp’s initial work involved advanced R&D for Qualcomm Inc. and DARPA. The Company is now focused on developing advanced machine learning and computer vision systems for the next generation of self-driving vehicles.

As a software company, they needed a real world application to launch their solution. The company chose to focus on robotic floor care as their initial goto market segment. This decision was based primarily on the fact that they didn't want to (re)develop the hardware for a robotic-based application. The floor care market is already dominated by a few suppliers of manual driven vehicles. The challenge for Brain Corp was to retro-fit the existing floor care machines to be automated (while also preserving the capability for manual operation). As a result, Brain Corp has been able to perfect their software and sensor platforms in this market niche.

Now Brain Corp is expanding their market reach and they are seeking create partnership with new and existing robotic technology partners. The first partnership was recently announced, and BrainOS will find it's way into the Savioke Relay robots.

Brain Corp is headquartered in San Diego. They are benefiting from the growing reputation of the San Diego area as a robotics powerhouse, thanks in part to the emerging dominance of UC San Diego as a center for robotics research. (Editorial note: the author is an alumni of UC San Diego).

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