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Bossa Nova Robotics

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  • Retail Inventory
  • Retail Planogram Management


The Bossa Nova mobile robot operates in retail stores, where it continuously scans the store shelves tracking inventory. By imaging the store shelves with an array of cameras, and then processing the images with a artificial intelligence model, the Bossa Nova solution is able to identify products on the store shelves and track both the location and inventory levels of products.

The data acquired by the Bossa Nova robots can be used by the store management system to initiate restocking activity and/or to reorder product from the distribution center. In addition, the Bossa Nova robot is capable of verifying the store planogram for product manufacturers (and store management). Verifying store planogram compliance is  a real headache for product manufacturers, because it requires a manufacturer representative to physically drive to each store and check that end-caps and store displays are deployed as required.  Think about all of the beverages and snacks that get displayed in-store prior to the Superbowl. The manufacturers pay to have the product displayed per their instructions. Now, with the Bossa Nova solution, verification of store displays can be remotely verified, helping to improve the margins for manufacturers.

The Bossa Nova mobile robots use SLAM navigation techniques to safely operate around the store staff and the public. The autonomous mobile robots are capable of scanning an aisle for obstructions (like a shopper) and independently navigating around the shopper or returning the aisle after the shopper has moved on.

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