Amazon is reportedly building a home robot 

 April 23, 2018

By  Mike Oitzman

(April 23, 2018) The newsfeeds are on fire this morning with news that Amazon is busy building its first home-based mobile robot. Bloomberg was the first to break the news about the project. Speculation suggests that it might be some sort of "mobile Alexa" solution, similar to the already-launched temi personal robot.

Prototype robots built by Amazon reportedly have computer vision software and cameras for navigation, and the company is said to be planning to seed devices in employees’ homes by the end of the year. (theverge.com)

The project is reported code-named "Vesta", and the project has reportedly been in the works for several years. However the company is now starting to ramp up hiring of the development team as it moves into the new market. The project is overseen by Gregg Zehr, who runs Amazon’s Lab126 hardware research and development division based in Sunnyvale, California.

An Amazon spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

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