April 3, 2018

By  Mike Oitzman



inVia Robotics is seeking an experienced Sr. Robotics Engineer for our rapidly growing team. An ideal candidate will have extensive experience in any single focus below and/or some experience in all of the following requirements:

  • State Estimation-Responsible for the localization system on the robot, as well as the SLAM mapping tools used to build initial maps of warehouses.
  • Perception-Responsible for the machine vision systems on the robot, which includes optimizing and maintaining fiducial detection code, building visual odometry systems, and building object recognition systems.
  • Controls-Responsible for writing and maintaining the low-level control loops, as well as the mid-level trajectory generation on the robots. 



  • State Estimation required skills: Python (numpy, scipy), Kalman Filtering (EKF/UKF), SLAM, Linux Bonus Skills: C++, Visual Odometry
  • Perception required skills: C++, OpenCV, Visual Odometry, Object Recognition (Keypoint Based), Linux Bonus Skills: LiDAR, RGBD Point Cloud Processing (PCL), SONAR, Object Recognition (Deep Learning Based), Stereo Vision, Monocular SLAM (with IMU integration)
  • Controls required skills: Mobile Robot Navigation, Control Theory, Python, Linux Bonus Skills: RRTs, Multi-Robot Systems

Note that the job listing might be expired. If this is the case, please drop us a note at jobs@market-spec.com

About the author 

Mike Oitzman

Mike Oitzman brings 25 years of product management and product marketing experience to the role of publisher and editor for Mobile Robot Guide. Mike is a respected expert in the mobile robot market and is a frequent panel leader and speaker at events and tradeshows.

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